Mel and Tanja Calingo

Mel and Tanja are based in Madrid, Spain.

mel calingo.JPG

Mel & Tanja are a unique pair. You know why? Well, Mel is from the Philippines and Tanja is from Austria. They met and got to know each other in the United States. After a year and a half they got married, and since then they have lived in the Philippines, the USA, Austria, London, and now, Madrid, Spain serving as senior pastors of the recently planted church, Iglesia Vidapasionada.

They have 2 beautiful daughters, Zara and Zoe, who speak English, German and Spanish. So, in the morning when everybody wakes up, do they greet each other with "Good Morning," "Guten Morgen," or "Buenos Días?" Your guess is as good as ours!


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